Marzec Grzegorz

Grzegorz Marzec
Zwierzyniecka 24/D104
31-105 PL-Krakow Polen

Telefon: +48 12 431 31 525

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I started working as professional stamp dealer in 1995 in Krakow.

I am spezializing in all aspects of Polish philately.:

Classic issue from 1860, all local and regional stamps from 1918-1920, Sadtpost from WWI, German and Russian occupation stamps,Ukraina, WWII -Generalouverement, Lagerpost: Murnau, Woldenberg, Gross-Born, plus all "normal" stamps until today.

I am buying all colletions of this areas, also not expertized.

All kind of accumulations, large lots and stamps in quantities are always welcome.

I work also with any material of western Europe and worldwide to resell it through my good connection in central Europe.